Prevention: a general interest mission

Landes forestWith 97% of its surface area planted with Maritime Pine, and with its understorey covered with flammable species, the Landes de Gascogne forest presents a high combustibility risk. In addition to permanent natural causes such as lightning, which can lead to numerous fire starts (14%), man-made causes come into play as well: increased forest use, uncontrolled urbanization, carelessness and malicious acts.

To protect the forest from fire risks, DFCI participates in prevention efforts in the entire Aquitaine risk zone. The goal of these efforts is to protect a forest environment that benefits everyone; because it represents one of the essential links in the forest protection chain, DFCI Aquitaine fulfils a general interest mission focused on 3 components:

development - information - innovation

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La forêt est un milieu fragile, protégez-la.